Belisha Dance Club is a non-profit organisation established to encourage participation in Middle Eastern belly dance, offering opportunities to learn, to extend and develop belly dance skills.

We hold regular weekly sessions; frequent haflas (a relaxed belly dance party) and dance-related workshops, in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. The club also participates at events in other areas.
Belisha’s experienced performance troupe is available for events, functions and community happenings; please contact us. We dance in public to show off what we’ve learned and to raise money for Belisha. This helps keep workshop fees as low as possible.
You can contact us to find out how to join, how to engage the performance troupe to find out what events we have coming up: workshops, regular sessions, haflas and more.

A little about Belisha Dance Club

How Belisha started:

Long ago, a troupe of belly dancers performed at various events around the Bay of Plenty. Often others wanted to join the dance, asking how to learn, about classes and workshops in Middle Eastern belly dance. This seemed like a brilliant idea, so Belisha Dance Club was created as a non-profit organisation, the constitution signed in 2004.


We meet as a group once a week (frequently more often) to belly dance.

Who joins Belisha?

The club is for anyone interested in Middle Eastern dance forms, whether members dance for personal enjoyment, for fitness or for public performance - it is their own choice. Many come as complete beginners wanting something to improve fitness or to express their inner being. Some join as more experienced dancers looking to extend their knowledge and who enjoy dancing with a troupe. Current members range from 8yrs to 70+, some are novice, some are experienced dancers.

Belisha has a belly dance troupe:

Members who choose to perform dance in a troupe at various functions and events, mostly in the Tauranga/Bay of Plenty region. Fundraising to support further Belisha workshops and events, and to also support other causes.
The club organises workshops with tutors experienced in various Middle Eastern styles.

And more:

Belisha club members can choose to participate in non-dance areas of the club: On the executive committee; developing new choreographies with input from all participants; researching different ethnic styles of dance. Costuming research and creation – some make their own, some buy! With this in mind, when performing we like to maintain a cohesive style of dance and costume.

About Belly Dance

Belly dance is a style which stems from many sources, most with roots in the music of the Middle East. It is frequently feminine yet strong and often hypnotic.

"Dance is music made visible." - George Balanchine

Middle Eastern dance, danse du ventre (dance of the breath), fusion, folkloric, Egyptian, Turkish, cabaret, tribal, Ghwazee, Saiidi, Khaleegy, tribaret, gothic, urban, dance orientale, Raqs Sharki, balady... The umbrella of belly dance covers them all, some are casual and relaxed, others require focus, strength and flexibility to learn.
You can have great fun tasting different flavours!

Regular events

First Friday of each month:

Belly dance basics session with Belisha. This is a good place to start if you have never danced Middle Eastern style before, or to refresh your skills if you already dance. Each session focuses on iconic belly dance moves, with a changing focus for each session

Regular Friday sessions:

Held in Tauranga, 7pm start. These sessions focus on isolation drills, muscular movements and sequences of movements. From 8pm the focus moves towards specific choreographies - all Belisha members are encouraged to stay for longer sessions as they acclimatise to the dance. Then, if they wish, they can prepare to join the performance troupe.

Special workshops and specific focus sessions:

Belisha organises experienced workshop tutors to facilitate workshops. These are optional extensions and have included 'Orientale' workshops with the elegant Fatina and 'Egyptian walk' with Shakeelah. Sometimes Belisha organises for members to participate in workshops not readily available in local our area.


We get together for haflas, which are informal belly dance performances, to enjoy and delight in our dance.

Our Performances

Performance image.

Book Belisha's performance troupe to belly dance at your next event. You will get beautiful dancing and glamorous costumes. You can ask for a duo, small group or the full Belisha performance troupe. We are available to perform at community events and at private or corporate functions. Make yours an event to remember, contact us to find out more.

If you already belly dance and would like the opportunity to perform, contact Belisha, come along to a session or workshop.

Belisha performances have been many and varied, since 2004, including ethnic festivals, corporate, private and community events.

Check out our galleries to see photos from selected past events.